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Did I Just Really Do That?

Well hello, here I am back with another post. If I am being honest I know what this post is supposed to be about, but today I am just having one of those days where my brain is just a little preoccupied with other things. Nothing too serious just the usual of thinking of what I would like to eat today- I haven't even had breakfast, just some coffee so obviously my brain is literally yelling at me to feed myself. But, here I am being lazy still in bed typing this post, well I am at least trying to. I just would really love if some tofu scramble over avocado toast with one hash brown perfectly cripsed appeared right next to me. And with just thinking "perfectly crisp" I have now realized I have watched way too much of the Great British Baking Show.

Anyways, have you ever surprised yourself? Have you ever just done something and you honestly were not sure if it would work out or if you can actually pull it off? If you read my first blog post you know that I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am now gong for what I want.

I started dabbling with photography and teaching myself the basics on beauty photogrpahy. Let me tell you, it is quite difficult. Trying to understand lighting and the different types of lights and what they do for a photo. Camera settings and shooting in manual, is just a whole other adventure that I am now trying to figure out. I feel like shooting in manual is one of those things where you can just google, "perfect manual camera setttings for a studio shoot," but I kind of feel like that is copying another photographers settings? I have already learned so much and now I am at a place where I am taking what I have already learned and turn it into my own.

Let me just say this quickly. You need to have some sort of understanding and some sort of technique to master anything that you do in life. But what makes whatever that you do so special is your artisry, what makes your work or your art truly yours. You always want to make whatever your working on special and show how you can follow the proper steps, "technique" and turn it into something beautiful, "artistry". Does that make sense?

As a trained makeup artist I learned the proper techniques by going to school. I graduated from the Make Up For Ever Academy where I learned all about makeup and the different types of makeup. I then worked at a makeup bar for about five years. I am the product of the MUFE Academy and that makeup bar. My technique and knowledge comes mainly from those two experiences. But, what makes it my own? What truly makes my makeup artistry different than others is that along the way of learning and working I took what my teachers have given me and made it my own in a way that personally works best for me and my clients. In short, I took a proper technique and created something different and beautiful, resulting in my artistry. Makes sense? So essentially I am now trying to do that with photography.

If I am being honest, the photoshoot I'm about to talk about is the second photoshoot I have worked on as both makeup artist and photogrpaher. I came to the shoot prepared. I knew what type of makeup I wanted to create and I knew the type of photo I wanted to achieve. It is so important to have a clear idea of what you want and what you want to create because if you don't, the end result will just be random and you may or may not get what you truly wanted. I was prepared but I was scared, naturally. My head was filled with self doubt saying, "you're just waisting your time". But, I was silencing those voices and filling them with postive reinforcement saying, "I can do this," "this is going to be amazing," and "you're taking your first steps to the future you want, you got this."

On August 26th I worked with my stunning model Tracy. We were in the studio for 3 hours perfecting the makeup and trying to find the right poses and angles that would read the best. Let me tell you, that shoot ended with over 200 photos and 98% of those photos were absoultey amazing. Shocked was an understatement. Like I knew we would get some good ones but I was not expecting so many to choose from. I remember driving home thinking, "wow I just did that'. I truly felt I just took a major step in my artistry, my future and just like personal growth I guess? I surprised myself. I should never doubt my own capabilties and talent. I know what I am capable of and what I can achieve. I know I still have so much to learn and grow but damn, I did that. I find myself walking down this new path, actually striding down this new path and I'm pretty freaking proud of myself. Again, I still have so much to learn but I'm taking it one photoshoot at a time slowly perfecting my technique and artisty. As Alexis Rose from Schitts Creek once said, " I love that journey for me!"

Model: Tracy Dias

Makeup and Photo: Jess Hazuda

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